9"x7"x12" Alabaster and Redwood Burl


While working on this piece, I was asked what it was going to be. I replied that wasn't any 'thing', that I just made forms. This one is like a kaleidoscope— pleasurable to look at it, it changes as you move it around, and you can see different things if the light strikes it in different ways. If you feel along the groove on the rough side, you will feel some roughness. You have to work extremely hard to see what it is, but there are words there. I don't feel it's especially necessary for them to actually be readable, in fact I try to make them as unobtrusive as possible. This one says, "kaleidoscopes are necessary." In time they may wear off, or dirt and oils may fill in the cracks and make the words readable, I don't know — only time will tell. The sentiment remains the same. One of the reasons I prefer making pieces relatively small is that I like to hold them. I'm a very tactile person and the feel of a piece is as important to me as the visual aspect.









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