Fractured Genesis

One of my favorite sites is the rising of the moon. I was driving not too long ago in the early evening and was greeted with that amazing sight. I was struck with how it brought to mind the sculpture I was working on at the time. I had originally thought of the stone as representing sunrise, then was surprised to realize how the cirrus clouds floating in front of that luminous orange, cratered disk rising in front of me looked just like the back side of the sculpture the other side.

The rising sun is thought to be the genesis of a new day. Daylight the dawn of activity, productivity, growth. But what of the rise of the moon? The dawn of night time for contemplation, reflection, healing. Is that not also a genesis? Both are necessary for a balanced life, but we must accept and embrace all aspects of both if we are to have that balance.

A prism fractures light so that we can see the different colors of a spectrum and, with that, all that makes up what we perceive to be white light. In order to keep our lives interesting and in order to continue to grow and learn, it helps to remember that concepts and philosophies can be broken down, fractured, to colorful and interesting perspectives reflecting all kinds of living experiences.