This piece was created for a dear friend in celebration of a milestone in her life - her 40th birthday.




10"x6"x11" Alabaster and Mahogany


When you look, what do you see?

Four steps, one for each decade, climbing up a rocky, uneven surface? Do you see what is above that? You have a window that shows a large world to make of as you want it.

Looking from the other side, what is there? A spiral taking you around and inward. Okay, you can stay on the edge if you want or go on in and see what's there. Every time you go in, I'll bet you see something that you missed before. Or maybe you're just looking from a different perspective.

Now, how about the outside? For the most part, if you run your hands over it, it's smooth. Oh, there are a few bumps here and there, but even so, remember, it's just the surface. What's below that? Do you see the scars? How about the structure and faults running deeply below the surface? Those aren't scars or faults - they are the characteristics below the surface that give it character...make it unique. They make you take notice and see what is beneath the shiny surface to what is real...the true beauty.

Keep looking below the surface. Make it a habit to change perspectives...





Fears keep us from some spectacular views

- carol green