18" X 11" X 12" Colorado Alabaster
base: translucent Italian Alabaster


This began as a sculpture for an auction but had to be put aside for a while. I always liked looking at it, even though incomplete. The energy it holds urged me on in my other work.

This was inspired by my daughter who has embarked on that adventure we've all experienced - adulthood. She recently began university and I keep seeing in this piece the many paths we take on the journey toward making our own lives. Some are steeper than others, some smooth, some rough, some appear to lead to places that turn out to be dead ends, but may provide a comfortable place to stop and rest for a while until we are ready to continue on our trek.

If we take the time to look back we can see that, though it may have been difficult at times, those difficulties have provided a texture and beauty all their own, and our lives have truly become a work of art as a result of them. All our experiences should be built on a base of progression, as the base of this piece is the shadow at two different times of the day. Shadows don't have to be negative - if we understand and use them, they can provide us with a strong foundation.