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Functional Art are sculptures that can be used in your home or office. All pieces are treated with a silicone based finish that helps protect the stone and makes it water resistant. The stone should also be protected from most candle dyes. Platters and bowls can be used to serve food then wiped with a wet cloth and dried -- as you would a counter top.

While many of the pieces you'll see here are multi-functional, I've grouped them to make it easier for you to explore possibilities that, until now, may not have been possible. Each of the pieces displayed here is available for purchase or similar works can be commissioned. Please take your time to see all that's available to you and check back often as new pieces are added as they become available.

Family of Reproductions

Because each piece is individually created, each is unique. However, I do have categories under which each piece falls. The following is a guide so that you have an idea of how I can help you.

Twins are Limited Reproductions

Cousins refer to General Styles and Patterns
Then there are those which are Unique, One of a Kind


Functional Art

Featured Work


Bowls and Platters

Candles, etc



Commission a Work